Schluck fünf: Introduction to the Listening Room

Copenhagen Listening Room Sunday Open Stage – so lautet oft mein Sonntagabend. Der Listening Room ist eine Konzertbühne unweit vom Kopenhagener Hauptbahnhof; jeden Sonntagabend ist Open Stage. Und was ich dort und daran finde: überraschende Musik und immer wieder gute Lyrics. Spielen und zuhören kann, wer will – vorausgesetzt man wird Mitglied, ein Roomi (und erhält für die 25 Kronen Mitgliedsbeitrag gleich Bier oder Soda an der Bar). Die Zuhörer setzen sich an Tische oder auf Treppen und die Musiker tragen sich zu Beginn in eine Liste ein und dürfen je zwei Songs präsentieren – vorausgesetzt sie bringen ausschließlich eigene Werke mit auf die Bühne. Und jedes Mal gibt es auch einen im Voraus festgelegten Act; dieser Musiker oder diese Musikerin darf auch ein paar Songs mehr spielen. Die Atmosphäre beim Listening Room gleicht einem Living Room und die Roomies einer großen Familie – jeder kennt jeden, alle hören allen zu und viele geben vielen ein Feedback; auch ich wurde schon nach meinem zweiten Besuch von dem einen oder der anderen herzlich begrüßt. Auf welche Musiker, welche Musik und welche Lyrics ich dort so stoße: beispielsweise auf Niv Dayan, einen 26-jährigen Singer-Songwriter, der ursprünglich aus Israel kommt und mit 19 Jahren angefangen hat, Musik zu machen.

»I started flirting with the idea of songwriting when I was 19, but for many years I’d had complexes about my singing voice and guitar skills. At some point I discovered the New York Anti-Folk scene, especially Kimya Dawson and Jeffery Lewis. It then dawned on me that you don’t need to be a polished musician or singer to connect with the audience. Exactly one year ago, I finally wrote my first song that I really liked myself

Vorletzten Sonntag habe ich seinem Song Introduction gelauscht und ihn anschließend alles auf einmal gefragt:

schreibstation: Where and when and why did you write Introduction?

Niv: I wrote Introduction over a period of 3-4 months. The music came about largely in my bedroom, where I spend long hours with my guitar. The lyrics came about everywhere: on my bike, at work, on public transport, etc. I knew from the onset that the concept for the song had a lot of potential, and that it would really help in contextualizing the rest of my performance. I wanted to let the audience know in advance that I’m not the classic singer-songwriter with a terrific polished voice and a broken heart, but that instead, they should expect quirkiness and clumsiness as well as humor and a devastating honesty. I also wanted to arrest and win the audience immediately. The challenge in writing Introduction was delivering a kind of schizophrenic message: that the show is going to be amazing, yet also that I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing. By sending mixed messages about the level of self-awareness of my stage persona, and by using a lot of self-deprecating humor, my goal was to open up a space where the listeners can relate to me and use me as a mirror for reflecting upon themselves for the rest of the performance. Many of my songs, including Introduction, are also a rebellion against conventional songwriting. The synergy between music and words has an immense potential, which I think most of the time is not exploited in mainstream music. Many of the topics in mainstream music are also often banal and fail to address the plight of our generation.

Introduction live beim Listening Room – reinschauen, reinhören und rauslesen; und sound so mal ein wenig anders:

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the show

I’ve got some words of warning, cause you’re about to undergo

An experience so transformative your knees might get unsteady

So ladies and gentlemen, get ready.


My only mission here tonight’s to make your time worthwhile

I’m gonna play and sing until your lips become a smile

Leave and you’ll have undergone a monumental loss

Cause I’m gonna rock this stage, and I’ma do it like a boss

Now I’m not in this business cause I’m trying to get paid

I do it for the art, and cause it helps me to get laid

Well I’m hardly a musician nor a master of seduction

But if you like what you’re hearing, then this, is just the introduction


For years I listened to the charts and followed their suggestions

They gave me all the answers, to other people’s questions

Til I couldn’t take much more, cause life was making sense much less

Most songs were just so tidy, while my life was a mess

So I started writing songs and people tell me I’m alight

And though I’m not sure they’re genuine, or if they’re just polite

I’m gonna drive this project off the edge of an abyss

Cause I don’t know what’s good for me, and ignorance is bliss


So if you’ve ever hoped for much, and all your dreams got shattered

And if you contemplated life until your brains got scattered

And if you’ve been depressed and it felt nothing ever mattered

And if you’ve been so hurt if felt your guts were getting splattered

If you’re wild or if you’re mellow

If you’re black or white or yellow,

If you’re chubby, if you’re lean

Gay or straight or in-between

If you’re green or red or blue

Muslim, Christian or a Jew

If you’re diligent or lazy

If you’re sane and if you’re crazy

If you life is full of lies

If you’re wearing a disguise

If you think the world’s fantastic

If your nose is made of plastic

If you’re prone to self-destruction

If you need no introduction

If you’re hateful or in love

If you’re all of the above

This concert’s got no message, just one unifying theme

what it’s like to be human in 2015.


Your life, the show and everything are only just beginning

Let us look them in the eye for all their lack of meaning

Let us sing and dance until our heads and hearts are spinning

There’ll be time for prudence later, now it’s time for sinning

Now I realize this prelude might be slightly overkill

Cause this is my best song, and well, the rest is all downhill

I might be nothing more than just a meaningless distraction

But if you like to be disturbed, then this, is just the introduction

Video made by Carlos Ochoa; Songwriter und Music Video Production.


4 Kommentare on “Schluck fünf: Introduction to the Listening Room”

  1. Thanks for helpobg spread the word! Brett Perkins, Founder

  2. Hz sagt:

    Wie cool, daß wir jetz auch in Deutchland berümt werden. Gibt’s irgendwas wir unsere Listening Romm bei euch?

  3. […] Mal alleine ab. Um Songs zu schreiben, muss er schon immer ganz für sich sein. Ich habe ihm im Listening Room gelauscht und wenige Zeit später hat er mich zum Klub Geyser eingeladen, wo wir uns vor seinem […]

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